MUMMYTHEDADDY is an enactment that deals with fathers, war, and memory. Reimagining the structure of family legacy in a story about intimate perspectives on and political questions of communication, as well as speculating upon reasons for the breakdown of that very communication.
Unfolding within Lichtspiele’s cinematic setting, MUMMYTHEDADDY is based on a collection of anecdotes told by his forefathers. The artist examines how these anecdotes construct subjectivity in favor of traditional family structures—structures that cast queer subjects as life-long bachelors while their partners fill the role of a best friend. Why are subjectivities primarily valued for their reproductive potential with the least possible alteration, instead of engendering new originals divergent to the lineage.
MUMMYTHEDADDY carves out space for identities that refuse to be normalized into a family-friendly format, seeking instead to articulate degenerative propositions related to dementia, as well as a divestment from personal claims on reproduction.

Text by Mason Leaver-Yap

Photos by Florian Clewe and Agata Cieslak.