Artistbook, August Verlag Berlin

biegen is dealing with the technique of tree bending, a specific pre-capitalist production method passed on from father to son without specifying whether it is fiction or historical fact. Apparently there is a forest of bent trees, where the trees were manipulated to directly suit ship-parts while growing, as a relatively fast and economic method of developing material for a growing industry in the beginning of the 16th century. This method entails taking older trees on the edge of being able to be bent, and attaching splints to them using a lot of force and then waiting till the tree has no resistance against it anymore. Following the research on finding the forest and learning how to bend trees, bent unfurls as an allegory for a variety of normalizing and standardizing procedures, shifting between natural and cultural ideas of the normal.

Installation views: Galerie Bernhard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt am Main + Land of the temporary Eternity, Stuttgart

Photos by Florian Clewe